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Prof. Mark Esposito

Featured as one of Thinkers50’s 30 best rising business thinkers, Mark Esposito is a global thought leader and expert on The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a recognized authority on how technology will shape the future of business.

Founder and CEO of Nexus FrontierTech, Mark is also an advisor, research fellow and academic. He has authored multiple books, including two Amazon best sellers, and written for numerous publications and journals. KGC’s programs on digital leadership, digital strategy and innovation for growth are delivered by Mark via our eduZ digital learning platform.

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Digital leadership program
In an age of rapid technological change, organizations must adapt quickly to new trends, opportunities and threats in technology – or risk being left behind. This digital leadership program, led by a global thought leader in The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Mark Esposito, equips leaders with the skills and knowledge to help their organization achieve this.
Mark Esposito will guide leaders in how to develop strategies and frameworks that enable organizations to thrive in the future and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly digital world.

Prof. Mark's Books

Understanding how the Future Unfolds

Based on interviews with leading organizations around the world, this book looks at trends and megatrends to help predict how the future may unfold. By understanding where we are today, leaders can be even more effective in tomorrow’s business world.

The Emerging Economies Under the Dome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is influencing how we engage with and view the world, faster than we thought possible. It is essential for business leaders to understand how technology is changing industry and the wider society, and how these technologies can be leveraged in a positive, responsible way. 

The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation

AI is set to radically change lives and jobs, but perhaps not in the way you might think. This book explores the fears and predictions around AI, while positioning it as a tool we can use to make us more effective.


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