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Cookies and similar technology

Below is information about how Knowledge Group Consulting (“we”) use cookies and other similar technology on this website.

This policy is effective as of April 15, 2023. Please note that this privacy statement will be updated from time to time.

We can place cookies and other similar technology on your device, including mobile device- the following information may be collected through cookies or similar technology: your unique device identifier, mobile device IP address, information about your device’s operating system, mobile carrier and your location information (to the extent permissible under applicable law).

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed upon your computer in order to help us to identify you, some cookies known as ‘essential cookies’ are required to enable our Websites to operate, other cookies ‘optional cookies’ are those that we use to personalise your experience whilst on our Websites, e.g. to enable us to show you personalised advertisements. For further information about cookies generally you may wish to visit (please note that this is a third-party website and we are not responsible for the content of the same).

Why do we use cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies do a lot of different jobs, such as letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving the user experience. They can also help to ensure that the advertisements you see online are more relevant to you and your interests. In addition, cookies can help us to analyze the use of our websites and online content (analytics cookies) and they can also facilitate/track the interaction on our websites and online content with social media (e.g. links to social media sites, like buttons, etc.).

Types of Cookies we use

When you visit our Website, we will use cookies in order to deliver the best user experience for you. By using this Website you agree and consent to the cookies described in this Policy. The information below provides an overview of each of the types of cookies used.

Analytical Cookies

Are cookies that we use to monitor how users are using our Website. They enable us to identify which areas or functions within the website that users spend most time and allow us to understand how users move around the website.

Marketing Cookies

Are cookies that we set in order to deliver content that is most relevant to you or tailored to you based upon your usage of our Website. These cookies may be placed by, or shared with, our marketing partners to show you adverts when you use other websites and platforms.

Functional Cookies

Are cookies that we deploy in order to optimize the user experience, for example to increase the level of functionality or to remember your preferences should you return at a later date. These cookies also enable you to utilize features such as creating an account and subscribing for updates.

Essential Cookies

Are cookies that we need to utilize in order for our website to function, e.g. to display certain items on the website, or to ensure the security of the website. These cannot be disabled by us; however you may be able to restrict or prohibit these using the settings in your browser. If restricted then you may experience issues loading or using our website.

Cookie settings

Most web browsers permit users to set control over what cookies they are willing to accept and what they are not, as well as reviewing cookies that have already been placed. For further information about this please see your browser settings or visit (please note that this is a third-party website and we are not responsible for the content of the same) which contains comprehensive information on how to manage your cookie settings across on a wide variety of browsers.

More information about Cookies

The table below provides examples of the different types of cookies we use and why. For more information or to manage/block third party cookies, you may do so by visiting the specific websites of these third parties, as shown below.

 Cookie ID





 Google  Analytics

 The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data. For more information, visit

 90 days


 The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data. For more information, visit

 90 days

 Google Ads

 To help deliver better search results based on customers visiting our site. For more information, please visit

 90 days

 Twitter,  Facebook,  Snapchat

 To better generate, target, and deliver marketing communications via social networks. For further information please visit

 90 days


 To create personalised experiences for visitors to our website. For more information or to opt-out, please visit

 90 days


 Google  Recaptcha,  Google  Botguard

 Functionality important to deliver an optimal website experience. For more information, please visit

 90 days


 Knowledge  Group  Consulting

 ASP.NET_SessionId is a cookie that is automatically created and used by ASP.NET. When a user visits a website, the server assigns a unique session identifier to that user. This session identifier is stored as a cookie on the user's browser. The ASP.NET_SessionId cookie allows the server to recognize and track the user's session as they navigate through different pages or perform actions on the website. The session data typically includes information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, or authentication tokens.It's worth noting that the ASP.NET_SessionId cookie is typically set to expire when the user closes their browser. This means that the session data associated with the user's session will be discarded, and a new session will be created when the user returns to the website.

 Expires  when  Browser  Session  ends