Special workforce solutions



Through our consultative approach, we deliver special workforce solutions that enhance skills and performance.

In some areas of government and business, there are no prizes for being second best as mistakes cost lives. Government organizations and businesses responsible for defense and security, law enforcement and civil order, health and safety and critical infrastructure must have leaders and people trained to the highest standards.

Skills that enhance resilience and protect citizens

Defense and security
Develop and grow your organization’s skills and capabilities, learning from ex-US/UK special operations specialists, from programs benchmarked against the very best training in the world.
Health and safety
Keep citizens safe and healthy, learning from our experts in workplace safety, food safety, first aid, medical first response and firefighting.
Prepare your organization and employees to confidently, competently and safely respond to and manage CBRN threats and incidents.
Critical infrastructure protection
We create customized training and development programs for government and corporate critical infrastructure protection organizations.
Law enforcement and civil disorder
Develop the critical and advanced skills of your organization’s law enforcement operation through programs delivered by world-class experts in their fields.
Our solutions include bespoke outsourcing in diverse areas such as executive leasing, manpower outsourcing, and even entire talent management functions.


We help upskill organizations with
unique special workforce solutions to their operational challenges


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How can we help you

These organizations must continuously improve to maintain performance, protect lives and secure critical assets.

KGC’s solution offers training programs led by ex-US/UK special operations specialists and these are benchmarked against world-class standards.

Our expertise spans workplace safety, food safety, first aid, medical first response and firefighting.

Our programs, led by world-class experts, develop the critical and advanced skills that are necessary for law enforcement operations to be effective.

We design and implement training programs that are customized to the specific needs of government and corporate critical infrastructure protection organizations.

Our chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) training prepares organizations and their employees to confidently respond to and manage CBRN-related threats and incidents.

Our outsourcing solutions include executive leasing, manpower outsourcing and talent management functions. These solutions are customized to meet diverse organizational needs.